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how to stop grey hair | Best tips for premature graying

Oh my God!…. Maya shouted, it’s grey hair and she is just in her 20’s. Is this your story too? Then, you are also suffering from the concern of premature gray hair. Today, it is an alarming fear for the young generation. Previously, only people who are in the age of 50 get grey hair and it was a symbol of old age. What’s next? Well, I am here today, to give you the details of grey hair so that you can understand the reason of the white hair and take action accordingly. The cell is unable to produce the pigment (responsible for color) and this result in white hair.

what causes gray hair?

what causes gray hair
The main question is what causes gray hair? There are many reasons and you should understand the reasons so that you take the action to stop the grey hair.

  • Stress and anxiety-

    In today’s competitive market, we pass through everyday stress and anxiety in our lives. Every one of us wants a healthy life and to get that “healthy” life, we fall into the trap of stress and anxiety and it also create stress in our hair cells and it gives birth to white hair.

  • Bad lifestyle-

    We choose different lifestyle and it creates a great impact in our life. The deficiency of B-12 cause grey hair and you need to check on the bad lifestyle so that next time you can live a healthy life and you can stop to increase the grey hair.

Now, check some home remedies for grey hair:

  1. Add some boiled amla in a coconut oil and massage slowly to reduce the grey hair growth.
  2. Mix ginger (grated) with honey and then apply on your hair to stop grey hair
  3. The coconut oil is the master of all home remedies. Take some coconut oil, add lemon juice and then massage slowly to get the result.
  4. Add a spoon of salt in a cup of black tea and then wash your hair after an hour. It is a good solution for grey hair.
  5. Onion is a common item in our house and apply the onion juice to reduce grey hair, hair loss and all other problems.

Now, you are aware about how to prevent grey hair and you must follow these above home remedies to get a 100% solution.

Diet and food habits play an important role to stop grey hair and you should follow the below-mentioned list of food items.

  1. Spinach- It increases the pigmentation level and reduces the level of grey hair.
  2. Beans- Beans are rich in protein and even good for your hair.
  3. Eggs- Eggs are rich in vitamin B-12 and help you control the grey hair.
  4. Curry leaves- The real secret of South Indian people’s black hair. They use the herbs in every dish and it is very effective for hair.

premature gray hair

If you are concerned with the growing rate of grey hair, then you must consult with a health care professional and you will get some additional remedy to control your grey hair.

Beautiful hair! Beautiful You!

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